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The "JyammIAM" 7v7 Tournament took take place on 06.28.2024 at Episcopal High School. The significance of 7v7 is a heartfelt tribute to commemorate the anniversary of Jimmy's passing on 7.7.22.  The event was hosted by Next Level Sports in partnership with Episcopal High School and received generous donations from Coca-Cola Baton Rouge that kept everyone cool and hydrated.


The tournament celebrates how Jimmy lived and the living legacy that remains.  Ten teams participated in the tournament with Scotlandville and Souther Lab facing off in an exciting championship game.  Scotlandville took home medals and bragging rights as the 2024 Champs. The Jimmy R Williams Jr. (JRW) Legacy Fund will make financial contributions to both schools, furthering Jimmy's mission of supporting youth sports.

The legacy fund was created in Jimmy's honor to support programs and initiatives that enhance student services, promote mental health, and improve the well-being of families affected by cancer.



Jimmy R Williams Jr Legacy Fund


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